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36 • A&E APRIL 2019 handle left and right on the right handle controls the spacing between the words and letters. Holding the shift key while moving the right handle increases the spacing between the words. Within Text Proper- ties, you can also modify indentations and spacing between paragraphs of text. Quick tips: By double-clicking text with the Pick tool, the Pick tool automatically switches to the Text tool. Change the color of text by selecting with the Pick tool and then click on a color from the color swatch palette. FONT CHOICES Unless your client has already chosen a font for the project, you may need to choose one or more fonts from what could be thousands of options. To find your font choices, select any text on the page. In the Property bar, you'll see a dropdown menu with all the fonts currently available to you (Figure E). Because choosing the correct font for your project is important, you'll want to have a basic understanding of appropriate font usage. Here are some basic rules to follow: Pick a font that complements the design. Your font choice should be dif- ferent if you're designing something for a child's birthday versus a memorial gift for a loved one. Thicker, bolder fonts tend to be used for headlines, titles, or attention- getting verbiage, and thinner fonts may be used for larger blocks of text or for more detailed information. For reference, check out a national daily newspaper to see how text is treated with regards to the weight (thickness), spacing, font choice, and kerning. Serif fonts are those with added strokes at the end points or terminals of the letters. Sans serif fonts do not have these features and are considered a more modern font (Figure F). Large blocks of text are often said to be easier to read if they are in a sans serif font. For example, this article is utilizing a serif font in the body of the text. Fig E Fig F Fig G Fig H

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