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A&E APRIL 2019 • 37 Try not to use too many fonts — it can make the design look confusing. Generally, two or three fonts are a good rule. However, this rule, like most rules, can be broken if the design calls for it. If you do use more than one font, use fonts that contrast with one another. There's no reason to use Helvetica and Arial together, as these are too similar. If you are looking for more examples of how fonts are used appropriately in context, go to www. (Figure G). COREL FONT MANAGER AND MORE Your computer comes pre-packaged with a good number of fonts, but there are several websites that offer free and pay options. I spend a great amount of time looking for the perfect font at a few locations:,,, behance. net, and These are reli- able places to find good, free content. If you can't find the font you need from this list, it probably does not exist. One significant upgrade CorelDRAW created recently is the addition of Corel Font Manager. This program, added in version X8, offers a way to use thousands of stored fonts that can be used just like any installed font but does so with having to install the font. The advantage to having this font man- ager is speed. Having too many installed fonts can make CorelDRAW sluggish when you are looking for font options. This pro- gram also offers a filtering option that allows you to select or exclude fonts using several criteria including styles and weights (Figure H). This makes the task of finding the cor- rect font an easier one. Once you have mastered the basics of working with text with CorelDRAW, you will find that text-heavy designs are much less challenging and hopefully become an enjoyable part of the process. Graphic design is the marriage of art and text. And, as with any marriage, the more attention you give it, the better it can become. A&E

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