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8 Learning to Laser: A Beginner's Guide to Laser Engraving While it does take some time to truly hone your laser engraving techniques, there are many helpful tips and tricks that can get you started. 22 Wedding Bells and Increased Sales: A 101-level Overview of How to Sell to the Wedding Market The wedding market is a multi-billion- dollar industry, which makes it the perfect opportunity to grow your dye-sublimation business. 30 Custom Gifts: Moms, Dads, and Grads Since many of your customers are already purchasing personalized products, why not offer these perfect items for the mom, dad, and grad in their life? 34 The ABCs of Text: A CorelDRAW Tutorial Understanding text layout and the basic mechanics of manipulating text is important for any design project. 42 Product Focus: Medals, Medallions, and Ribbons Not matter the end use, medals, medallions, and ribbons are a sure crowd- pleaser. Check out this product spotlight to stock up on these items. 52 Shop Profile: Latham and Sons and Alliance Awards "Every customer is important to us." Wade Latham has operated business by that philosophy for a number of years, nearly 50 to be exact. After Page 32 The Sublimation Report The Sublimation Report offers all-inclusive coverage on the sublimation industry. This special double issue features five tips for success, industry trends, and a comprehensive product section. Don't forget to check out the survey, featuring data on sublimation businesses around the nation. 22 8 FEATURES Presented by A& E and Printwear magazines pg. 4 4 Tips to Plan for Success and Reduce Failure David Gross, Condé highlights a few tips that are especially helpful to those new to the sublimation industry. 14 Product Feature: Sublimation Equipment and Substrates The latest equipment, tools, and blank substrates are featured to help you build your sublimation business. 24 Industry Survey: The Sublimation Business Keep up with the current state of affairs in the sublimation segment with this annual survey that digs into the numbers behind the business. 26 Beyond the Design: Dye-Sublimation Trends for 2019 There are many changes taking place, and for those that are nimble, it creates huge opportunities. 30 Color Management Basics for Sublimation When you add sublimation to your business, along with learning how to use your new equipment, it is important to understand the role color plays. Cover images courtesy of Unisub, Stahls', JDS Industries, and Graphics One. PUBLISHER Dan Peckham EDITOR Cassie Green ART DIRECTOR Kim M. Wright CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dan Barefoot, Lisa Ellston, Jennifer Foy, David Gross, Vik Patel SALES SUPPORT Ryan Applebaum ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Anna Stettler, Desiree Delfrari, Haleigh Erwin, Shanna Rowley • Spring 2019 • The Sublimation Report 1 pg. 14 pg. 26 SubReport-19.indd 1 3/4/19 12:29 PM APRIL 2019 Volume 32 • Number 2 CONTENTS 2 • A&E APRIL 2019 42

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