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40 • A&E APRIL 2019 and the new color model is in place. (Note that this design used a basic shape for the "heart" image, which must be converted to curves for the color transition to include it. Likewise, a symbol, used in the design, must Revert to Objects to be included in the color transformation.) There are other options here, so I encourage some experi- mentation to discover all the abilities of this valuable feature. If yo u r d e s i g n i n c l u d e s a r a s t e r (bitmap) image, it must be changed separately. Select the image, then go to Bitmaps>Mode>Grayscale and it will be converted. With the release of version X5 and later, there was a major change made to the Color Management system within t h e p ro g r a m . Fo r a m o re i n - d e p t h description, I recommend going to the Help>Product Help>Color, Fills and Transparencies>Using Color Management. It has a detailed description of the newer Color Management system, and provides a lot of technical and theoretical information about color and printing colors. This was a major overhaul of pre- vious versions of the program. It is a lot of information to absorb and more than can be included here. There are also some resources online to help grasp the rather complex concepts involved. There are numerous other things that can easily be altered using the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, which we will pursue in future articles. Notably, removing the dreaded "white box" from a clipart bitmap and cutting a portion of a photo from the background. As with many processes within the program, there are several ways to accomplish favorable results. We will look at some of the various processes to integrate the abilities of Corel PHOTO- PAINT into our use of CorelDRAW. As always, I encourage any serious user to spend time playing with the multitudes of possibilities. Each new release of the program has greater capabilities, but they all are able to produce quality artwork. It seems that nearly every day, I learn some- thing I didn't know before. fig 3 fig 4 fig 5 fig 6 A&E

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