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April '19

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customer needs." A typical day of doing so includes lasers running and employees laughing and enjoying themselves, which makes the work rewarding. Latham also explains that the projects themselves bring a sense of gratification. "One of the most rewarding experiences for us was developing and manufacturing a grand opening dedication plaque honoring Queen Elizabeth," Latham gushes. The event was the dedication of the Lightning Opera- tions Center at the Royal Air Force Marham that took place in February of 2018. All in all, the three-month project (from concept to completion) was well worth it: "An awe- some photo was sent to us that shows the Queen, herself, at the dedication unveiling the bronze plaque." Latham also calls attention to a custom 3-D imaged crystal on an LED lighted base they did for a dedication made in Bahrain, an island country in the Persian Gulf. The crystal weighed a whopping 48 pounds and took about two months from concept to presentation. "The 3-D crystal was used as a celebratory piece to calibrate the delivery of special F-16s to that country," he elaborates. When it comes down to it, Latham takes great pride in every project he does. "Our ability to produce full-color images on glass and acrylic gives us an edge over our competitors," he believes. But beyond great products stands something bigger: customer satisfaction. "What makes me tick is when a customer is so excited by the work that we have done, that they take the time to say, 'Thank you!'" That tick will continue to beat strongly into the future if he has anything to do with it. In fact, continued growth and customer service remains a constant goal. "Because the Dallas-Fort Worth area has had over 100 corporate headquarters move in from out of state in the past couple of years, we are hoping to connect with the corporations to service their needs," Latham finishes. A&E APRIL 2019 • 53 Peter Fan, art department manager, shares that a lot of his satisfaction at work comes from creating products for the military and public service customers. This photo shows two years of winners for National Outstanding Young Farmers of America. Wade Latham and his team produced these awards for them. A&E

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