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A&E APRIL 2019 • 57 Trophy House of Ashland Awarded 25K Grant As a way to encourage economic growth and job creation, the city of Ashland, Kentucky awarded Trophy House of Ashland a $25,000 grant at the end of January. Owner Jessica Leighty will be taking on another employee and plans to purchase a laser engraver and a digital transfer printer. "I'm grateful to the city for the opportunity from this grant," Leighty states. "As a single mother, it probably would have taken me years just to have the capital built up to purchase an engraver." The Trophy Shop first opened its doors about 32 years ago in Catlettsburg, Kentucky. When the original owners, Anne and Jim Lobby retired, their son took over. After a couple years, he sold the shop to Leighty's parents, who owned it for 16 years. While her parents were running it, the owners of a competing store, Westwood Trophy Shop, decided to retire. Leighty bought that shop and combined it with Trophy House. The shop moved from Westwood to Ashland on August 4, 2018, due to the previous location being too small. Want to hear more from Leighty? LaserSketch Launches New Website In December 2018, Captain Jim McCreary of LaserSketch decided he had enough of hackers trying to steal customers' credit card information off the company site. So, in the interest of protecting its customers, LaserSketch launched a new site, which went live at the end of January. With a focus on security and searchability, the new site is more user-friendly than the old site, which had been around for 16 years. "My main concern is security, that it's easy to use, and it's fast," McCreary states. He worked to create and code the new site, which took over 50 hours, and still counting. The site features a black background with a simple layout. Customers have the option to shop by category, request samples, view previous orders, and more. "There are six search engines within it that make it easy to find anything you are looking for. I've never been able to find things as easily as I can now, which is the whole idea," McCreary elaborates. If a customer has trouble finding a product, they can type it in the search bar and it will come up. Get more details: New Owner Takes Over Xcaliber Trophies After working in journalism for 28 years, Gino Donato was looking for a new challenge. Around the same time, the owners of Xcaliber Trophies, Sandra and Barry Lind, were ready to retire. Located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Xcaliber produces not only trophies, but name tags, medals, commercial signs, promotional items, and more. Donato knew the owners of Xcaliber for a long time. "Barry worked at the newspaper when I first started there. I was always coming in here getting plaques made for my hockey teams and stuff," Donato explains. "I mentioned to him, if you want to sell, let me know. And it just kind of worked out that the newspaper offered us buyouts and (Sandra and Barry) were ready to retire." Donato purchased the shop on October 15, 2018 and has been there ever since. He still does freelance photography for various publications and companies, along with running Xcaliber Trophies with his wife, Lillian. Read more about the new owners here: newxcaliber. Kevin Lumberg Appointed Account Manager at IIMAK IIMAK appoints Kevin Lumberg as an account manager. He is now responsible for developing new customers for IIMAK, along with identifying and driving product develop- ment opportunities. For many years before IIMAK, Lumberg worked in sales and support at Johnson Plas- tics Plus, and wrote sublimation and digital personalization articles for A&E. He also presented seminars and training classes at trade shows. "I have always enjoyed chatting and interacting with end users because there are a lot of smart people who have overcome obstacles with technologies. Their ingenuity took digital print technologies to places that many times were undiscovered," Lumberg states. Lumberg decided to pursue a career at IIMAK because he "wanted to work for a forward-thinking company with strong R&D. I was blown away when I first visited them and interacted with the employees that were working there. Everyone is smart and dedicated to doing things the right way." He has many goals for his new position, including to continue being a liaison between customers and IIMAK, and to find solu- tions that the market can benefit from. "I have always looked at things through the eyes of the customer, which has enabled me to help people find solutions to their problems and be successful with those solutions," Lumberg adds. Through the new position, Lumberg is excited to learn about new technologies and help spur the development of new products to meet customer demands. "Not every technology is an end-all and be-all for everything. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. I have a long history with sublimation, but I am learning some new technologies like latex and direct-to-garment, and I want to learn everything I can about those. I want to continue to be a person that is entrusted by people in the industry to help them be successful," he states. ON THE MOVE Lumberg A&E

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