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24 • April 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Textured wall panels are becoming very popular, he says. One customer built his custom home with 3D wall panels. "The house itself looks like a big white wave and he used his CNC for design elements of the entire house," Friesen says. "Guys are using these in so many capacities nowadays. They are not just limited to wood or plastics. We have a guy in Vietnam who makes entry gates for homes or driveways, all machined 3 D aluminum," he says. "It all comes down to tooling. You buy the right tool for the material you are working with." All of Laguna's routers, lasers and plasma tables have one thing in common. They have user-friendly controls so the learning curve isn't as steep as it is with other systems. "We like to keep it simple for our customers. We recommend the easiest software that we can depending on a cus- tomer's needs," Friesen says. He will sit down with a customer and find out what they need the router for and what their Images courtesy of Laguna Tools. Metals are no problem for many of today's CNC routers. (Images courtesy of AXYZ Automation Group) Image courtesy of Computerized Cutters. It shouldn't be forgotten that CNC routers still do an amazing job on wood products as well. (Image courtesy of AXYZ Automation Group)

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