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April '19

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2019 • 25 background is and if they are a designer who is familiar with this type of design software. That will determine what type of machine they sell to them. Design trends in the sign industry are always changing. "A router opens up any material a sign company would ever want to work with. By having a CNC, it gives them the ability to step out of the 2D designs that in the past were what most signs were made of," he says. Now they can make 3D designs or add 3D elements and aesthet- ics to their signs. Larry Daignault, national sales man- ager for AXYZ Automation Group, says that many of his company's clients in Los Angeles and Anaheim use their CNC routers to make scenery and sets for movies and television. The company also sells a lot to custom road case manufac- turers. These are specialized cases to hold sensitive equipment or musical instru- ments. The hard outer shell is usually made with wood and aluminum, while the interior is cut with foam. AXYZ also makes large-format rout- ers for aluminum and metal composite cladding for the architectural and design industry. Many buildings are being clad with aluminum composite material. The exhibition and display industry is growing quickly, he says. Many com- panies will manufacture a custom trade show booth for clients who don't want to take their trailer across country or over- seas for a show. They use routers to make custom stands and tables, backdrops, sig- nage and cases to hold lighting. The print-to-cut market is becoming very popular. Once a print comes off a flatbed UV printer, the sign shop can place the design on the router to cut it out. Cabinetry and woodworking indus- tries use routers as well to do general and Using a router on foam sheets. (Images courtesy of AXYZ Automation Group) For information on the best substrates to use on your router: custom woodworking, make furniture and displays, tables and custom benches. "We also work closely with a lot of companies that build custom emergency vehicles like firetrucks and ambulances," Daignault says. AXYZ also works with companies that manufacture travel trail- ers and motor homes. AXYZ designs its routers so that they are capable of adding additional tools to the machine, like an automatic tool changer or a vision system, even if the machine wasn't initially purchased with that capability. SDG

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