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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2019 • 37 plane. Click on the far right icon at the top of the Properties panel to switch to the Coordinates pane, and make sure the X, Y, and Z angles are all set to zero. (Figure 11) Export the object to a printing- compatible format by choosing Export to 3D Layer in the 3D panel options menu. Under 3D File Format choose STL if your object is one color or VRML If your object contains two or more col- ors. (Figures 12a and 12b) It's surprising how easy it is to con- struct a simple one-color 3D object. This little tutorial is meant to show you the very basics of 3D modeling and for- matting. More complex objects require a bit more training of course, but fear not, 3D printing technology strives, for the most part, to simplify the procedure using printer specific modeling software. There are countless applications for 3D printed objects, and I'm sure you'll see this technology become as commonplace as inkjet and laser printers have over the years. If you don't want the hassle of pur- chasing and maintaining a 3 D printer there are numerous online printing services that will print files for you in any size, color, or material. Google "3D printing service" and you'll see a slew of them. In the meantime, Happy model- ing! SDG Figures 12a and 12b: Export the object to a print-com- patible format by choosing Export to 3D Layer in the 3D panel options menu, then choose STL or WRL form the pull-down menu. Visit Zünd at ISA Sign Expo Booth 3907, Apr 24-26, Las Vegas T: 414-433-0700 – Over Cutter Camera OCC high- speed registration now for all Zünd cutter series (G3/D3/S3) – Powerful 3.6 kW RM-L system for ultimate routing productivity Digital cutting at an Industrial level.

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