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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2019 • 47 Pricing Games This is kind of a tricky point to make. While being competitively priced is important, playing pricing games is a time waster. Based on experience, cus- tomers that are overly caught up in the price of the wrap, more than the effec- tiveness of the wrap or the advertising it can bring, are only concerned with getting the cheapest price and will not become loyal, long-term customers. The largest discount we'll entertain on a wrap is 10% off the graphics we quoted. Because we're thorough during the pricing process we're giving the cus- tomer our best price from the beginning. If a customer brings in a written quote from our competition and we're able to determine that we're quoting the exact same coverage using the same materi- als, then we'll look at price matching. Sometimes a customer just likes to nego- tiate and if the price match we're evaluat- ing falls within that 10 percent amount then we're comfortable working with the customer. If we are not able to price match, we do make a point of explaining to the cus- tomer that unfortunately we're not able to confirm that we're pricing apples-to- apples and we know that our pricing is based on our own experience and exper- tise. We also welcome them to come back if for any reason the other company is This trailer has simple flat sides but the excessive trimming on the roll up doors was taken into account during the estimate. Accurate measurements are very important, even on simple trailer wraps, to ensure proper scale and accurate placement. not able to take care of them. Keeping a positive rapport with the customer may pay off on future projects. Measure Mistakes Vehicle templates are great tools to use throughout the wrap process but gathering accurate measurements of the vehicle you're wrapping is important as well. Misjudging sizes or making mis- takes in noting measurements can cost you big time. A mis-measured vehicle means that you've not only under- or over-estimated the wrap costs, but if you do produce the job the graphics will not fit properly. This could lead to reprints and a loss of both material and labor costs.

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