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48 • April 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Flared fenders, overly curved hoods and angled tailgates are body con- tours that should be taken into consideration. These areas will not only require additional material when compared to a flat surface, they may also require additional time to install. Obstacles There is a particular Jeep Wrangler that we've wrapped a couple times for a repeat cli- ent. When initially assessing this wrap we did not fully take into account how time consuming it was going to be to wrap around the large hinges on the doors as well as the hood grates and other body obstacles. In the long run, we spent a lot more time properly wrapping this vehicle than we expected due to an underestimation of the time that would be involved. As you look over a vehicle, pay attention to any obstacles that overly stick out, have tight areas that you would have to try to tuck around, are not removable or have plastic or rubber areas that would need to be trimmed around. Also note any deep contours or compound curves that will affect both material choices and instal- lation time. Vehicles with excessive trimming will also increase your labor time. Material Choosing the right material for the application is very important. When you're facing deep contours on the side of a van, a vinyl with a higher percentage of stretch—such as 3M Envision 480Cv3—will tuck into those contours and stay. Other vinyls with less stretch are more likely to bubble and fail over time. By not quoting the correct material from the beginning you face failure, reprints and reinstall costs. Trying to install the wrong material for the job also makes the installation take longer, which cuts into your initial labor costs as well. When quoting a specialty vinyl that is the best option for the obstacles involved in a wrap, be sure to point out to the customer that you're quoting this material for them. You should also explain why you recommend the material so the customer is fully informed. If they are price shopping, they will know that you're quoting a better material for the job. Design When quoting vehicle wraps, so much focus is given to the coverage and total square footage as well as the installation that sometimes the design labor is overlooked. When we quote Vehicles with fenders and hoods with large curves will require more vinyl and may take longer to install. Removal of silicone, old adhesive or existing graph- ics all slow down the new install and will require a cleaning/removal charge. Be sure to adequately charge for design including multiple renditions.

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