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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2019 • 49 our wraps we break the pricing into three parts—graphics, installation and design. Our design charges are based on what artwork the customer can provide, what artwork we may need to reproduce and any artwork we need to purchase. If the project will need to include high resolu- tion artwork that is purchased through a stock photo site, be sure to share these sites with your customer and have them look through the photos until they nar- row down what they like. If you don't have the customer narrow down the search you will spend a lot of time searching for images that they may ultimately reject. If the customer prefers you gather and present options to them, be sure to charge for your time. We like to talk through design charges with the customer so they understand what is involved in the design process and realize the costs involved. If the wrap project involves multiple vehicles using the same overall design we explain to the customer that the initial setup charges get the base artwork in our system and art fees on other vehicles will be much less. Vehicle Prep During the initial vehicle assessment, be sure to take into account emblems, old decals or vehicle parts that will need to be removed prior to installation. These removals may take just a few minutes or over an hour. Be sure you add extra labor cost to cover these removals. On a recent trailer wrap we had relied on photos to quote a partial wrap for our out-of-town customer. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the abundant silicone that was smeared around every obstacle and across the top and sides of the panels. Because the vinyl won't stick to silicone, and the silicone wasn't a neat bead that we could trim around, we had to scrape off as much of the silicone as possible. This oversight cost us a couple extra hours of labor we hadn't charged for. We ask our customers to bring their vehicle in washed to avoid an extra clean- ing fee. If the vehicle is waxed or if there is an over spray of tire shine on the body of the vehicle, we will have to spend a lot of time removing it before we're able to wrap the vehicle. This extra time will have to be billed to the customer. SDG Tips for a More Accurate Estimate 1. Make sure the vehicle is clean. Needing to clean adds time to your schedule. 2. Don't forget to charge for design. 3. Be up front with what media you think needs to be used. 4. Determine all obstacles to installation in the vehicle screening.

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