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April '19

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Printing Improvements "The development of new printable substrates and new print surfaces applied to magnets has enhanced and improved printability," says Alice Martin, Director of Marketing, Adams Magnetic Products. Magnet manufacturers have con- stantly been expanding their product lines to allow for greater integration of their offerings on the sign market. As the magnetic sheet itself transforms, there is simply more that a sign maker can do with it. "With the development of high- energy magnetic sheeting, the magnet can be thinner and lighter weight," explains Mike Gertz, Marketing Manager, Master Magnetics, Inc. "A 15-mil, high-energy magnet has the same strength as 30-mil regular-strength magnetic sheeting—the required strength for magnetic vehicle signs. This allows for printers with a print head height limitation of less than 30 mil to print direct to magnet for vehicle signs." Dealing with a thinner material, that doesn't compromise performance, lends to more options in equipment use and easier-to-handle media for sign makers. In addition, the "printable surface has evolved with print technology," shares Clay Reierson, Director of Operations, Xcel Products, Inc. "Now offering latex, UV, solvent and eco-solvent options." S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2019 • 53 Magnets are easy to install and remove, making them popular among users. (Image courtesy of Xcel Products, Inc.) With these additional options comes improve- ments to the quality; when combined with an overall faster output, direct printing to magnets is positioned as a much more advanced method than in past years. "The main printable topcoats—vinyl, coated and paper—have continuously improved for higher resolution, four-color images in terms of clarity and color saturation," offers Gertz. "This one-step process of printing direct to the magnet is a faster, more efficient and profitable process than the tra- The development of new printable substrates and new print surfaces applied to magnets has enhanced and improved printability. Proper storage is important when handling magnet sheets. If they must be rolled, roll them with the print side facing out. (Image courtesy of Magnet Source)

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