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April '19

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56 • April 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS Number one, physical handling of the print properly is essential. "Handling magnets flat is always best, but can be dif- ficult for larger sheets," tells Reierson. "There can be roll set memory on rolled magnet and could adversely affect its performance, especially when cold. It's important to understand how the magnet works as each situation could be a little different, depending on the size of graphic, gauge of the magnet and environmental factors." Martin offers that if the sheets must be rolled, "always roll with the print side out. Obviously, make sure the inks have properly dried." Storage is another topic to address for both printed and unprinted media. Sign makers will not want to dam- age media by storing it improperly. "Keep unprinted magnetic material in its original shipping container (cardboard tube or carton)," sug- gests Gertz. "For storage of flexible magnetic sheeting, keep in a clean, dry area. Store on end to avoid any flat spots. When stacking, do not stack magnetic side to magnetic side due to the potential of wrinkling caused by improper pole alignment. Do not lay product on the ground because the magnet will attract fine iron particles that are in dirt and asphalt." Sign makers familiar with digital printing realize that laminating a print will typically bring more durability and longer life to the project. With magnets, it's not always a necessary step. "While laminating after printing isn't necessary, it comes down to the preference of the shop and how they Magnet signage applications include many indoor and outdoor projects, from vehicle graphics to this bench display. (Image courtesy of Xcel Products, Inc.) "Market demand for magnets in multiple applications has forced many printer manufac- turers to now feature magnet profiles in their standard offer- ings," says Clayton Reierson, Director of Operations, Xcel Products, Inc.

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