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60 • April 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE the overall cost to build a sign module and additional "output" really shouldn't cost much more. What this means for our industry is that LEDs are truly a com- modity. Although there may be some downward pressure on pricing, most LED modules are close to the bottom of the price point. In fact, I would strongly argue against further price erosion. For example, a typical set of channel letters may have less than $25 of product inside. Considering the LED is the most important portion of the illuminated sign, I wouldn't recommend skimping there to save $10. So, what does the next decade hold for LED signage? Since the LEDs themselves will offer only marginal improvement above the current 200 LM/W standard and since prices are near the bottom, I believe most innovations will be around lowering the total system cost to the sign maker. This may include creative designs that reduce the number of power sources or solutions that reduce installation and labor time. The other area of improve- ments will likely be at the systems inte- gration area. So-called "Smart" L E D Images courtesy of Rick's Sign & Lighting Services. This elegant monument sign with LED light- ing was created for the Dadeland Mall in Miami Florida. Design elements bal- ance well. It was designed by 505Design and fabricated by Integrated Signs & Graphics. (Images courtesy of 505Design)

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