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April '19

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2019 • 75 Letter-Sized Dye-Sublimation Kit Graphics One, Sunnyvale, California, announce the launch of a new letter-sized dye sublimation kit named GO SubliMate LS (letter size) for use with the EPSON ET-2750. GO SubliMate LS is the first dye sublimation kit developed for the EPSON ET-2750 and is a follow-on to the very successful launch of GO SubliMate TS (tabloid size) for the EPSON ET-7750, the first dye-sub ink set for desktop printers featuring neon ink. The GO SubliMate LS Kit includes four 140 mls bottles of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black SubliMate Dye Sub ink, GO SubliMate Dye Sub Paper and ICC profiles as a bundle. The list price for the complete kit is $199. For information, visit www. DTG RIP Software AnaJet, a Ricoh company, Tustin, California, has partnered with fellow DTG industry leader Kothari Info-Tech to release Kothari Print Pro, a cutting-edge raster image processor (RIP) software configured exclusively for Ricoh DTG machines. This new software is available exclusively through AnaJet's online store for customers in the United States. All Ricoh DTG print- ers come with a free license for AnaRIP software, which provides excellent RIP functionality suitable for many applications. The new Kothari Print Pro RIP software, however, now provides a premium option with more advanced capabilities to accommodate power users' needs. Kothari Print Pro optimizes ink usage for black garment printing by employing a patented process that takes the garment's color into account when processing a printable image. When a set of standard sample images were tested using "White Highlight" mode with default settings, Kothari Print Pro reduced the average ink costs of a black T-shirt print by more than 44 percent when compared to AnaRIP Software. For information, visit Screen Printing Vacuum Pallet Vastex International, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, introduces a new 26.5˝ x 37.5˝ (67 x 95 cm) Vacuum Pallet to hold poster board, corrugated plastic and other flat substrates in place quickly and firmly on a standard textile screen-printing press. The all-steel pallet contains hundreds of perforations across a 25˝ x 36˝ (64 x 91 cm) suction grid, holding materials with vac- uum more securely than possible with glue or quick stretch. It is offered self-powered in 120V or 240V models with an integral blower or with a universal hose adapter for connection to a customer-supplied shop vac- uum or central vacuum system. Equipped with a leveling feature to assure even transfer of ink, the pallet allows printing on flat stock slightly larger than the pallet itself and can withstand the heat of repeated flash-cure cycles. It is mounted as stan- dard on a heavy-duty pallet arm that slides onto the rotor arm of Vastex V-2000HD series presses and is secured in place using two lock knobs. For information, visit Modular SEG Frames E. L. Hatton Sales Co., Wellington, Ohio, announces the launch of its SEGDesign Modular SEG Frame System. SEGDesign is a non- aluminum SEG (silicone edge graphics) frame system. Miter-cut aluminum SEG frames can be costly to make, stock, and ship. But the SEGDesign modular system combines injection-molded corners, T-connectors, and side rails which snap together quickly and eas- ily to produce unlimited sizes and shapes from a few parts with no special tools. Available in stan- dard size kits and bulk packed for low cost/high volume applica- tions. Side rails are straight cut with no mitered corners and non-aluminum so custom that sizes can be cut instantly in-house with a common saw. Made of tough recyclable ABS, the system is stocked in silver color but also accepts Krylon Fusion as well as industrial spray paint, so creating image- popping color frames is fast, easy and inexpensive. SEGDesign is 30% lighter than aluminum, easier to ship and reassemble with no over- size surcharges. For information visit Digital Color Printer UniNet, Hawthorne, California, debuts the new iColor 540 A4/Letter Size Digital Color printer, a multi-purpose, desk- top printing solution for transfer production of garments, hard surfaces, marketing customization, stationary, labels, banners and more. Meet the new iColor 540 Toner-Based Digital Transfer Printer. The ultimate in versatility and heavy- weight performance. This printing system is powered by an exclusive White Printing Technology that combines full color with the unique ability to print images with white as an underprint or an overprint in one pass, made possible with the introduction of Single Pass Digital Technology. The iColor 540 comes standard with five toner cartridges for full color and white printing (CMYW plus True Black). The cutting edge iColor ProRIP Transfer Software is also included with the iColor 540 printing system. For information, visit www. SDG

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