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2 0 P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 9 2 0 P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 9 Do it For the 'Gram! INSTAGRAM BASICS FOR EMBROIDERY AND APPAREL DECORATION PROFESSIONALS actually become paying customers or visit you in store if you have a retail location. 2. Establish your identity. Your page should have a certain look. This "look" instantly tells people that they are on your page. It identifies with your brand. Instagram for small businesses works best when you have an identity that sets you apart. Your identity includes a color palette. Pick up to five colors and stick with them. Use the built-in photo filters to rein- force your colors consistently. Ensure you have a certain "voice or vibe" and consistently use your profile pic or logo. Also develop a cohesive style for how you describe the images and videos, whether that be funny, seri- ous, lighthearted, simplistic, humor- ous, etc. Try to use certain patterns like stripes or polka dots to create vi- sual consistency, if it agrees with your brand image. 3. Creativity counts. This platform is all about the visual impact of your posts. Get funky with your photos to get more impact. Don't worry about showing the entire product. Post the great texture in the knit of a high-end fleece to make it seem like the per- son looking at the photo can practi- cally feel the fleece. Zoom in on the stitches so they can see the individual threads. Post a photo of a mountain of boxes being delivered. Post a close- up of a design being run on the ma- chines. Post anything that creates vi- sual interest. 4. Instagram loves video. Everyone loves to peek behind the curtain to see how S ocial media. Who needs it? Well, it turns out, we do, at least as it relates to our businesses! Here is an overview of one of the main platforms, Instagram, and why you might want to give it a try as part of your marketing for your business. Statistics alone should be enough to catch your attention and convince you to add In- stagram to your marketing efforts at even the most basic level. Even if your business isn't currently using the platform, your customers most certainly are. If you are wondering if you are too late and are worried that you will never be able to catch up, don't worry. The good news with social media is that it is a voracious beast which needs constant feeding. You can jump in at any time and effectively create awareness for your business. THE BASICS Whether you are already using Instagram or you are a newbie to this platform, here are nine tips on how to best use Instagram to promote and market your business: 1. Create a memorable profile. As apparel decorators, we sometimes get lost in the list of products that we work with. You have 150 characters to entice the user to follow you and ultimately become your customer. Say something that gets their attention and convinces them to click that follow button. Since Instagram finally added business accounts, you can list your business hours, location, email, direc- tions, and phone number. This makes it easier for people who love your posts to EMBROIDERY Stitch Solutions J e n n i f e r C o x See the number of views? Video = LOTS more views! (All images courtesy Katie Bertrand, Sew Cute by Katie) See the number of views? Video = LOTS more views! (All images courtesy Katie Bertrand, Sew Cute

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