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2 2 P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 9 customer type (#plumbershirt, #res- t a u r a n t a p p a re l , # Ho m e Bu i l d e r - customjacket, etc.), or some other key phrase that you want to develop. Skip general and generic tags like #embroidery as there are more than 9 million posts with that tag or #hoodie with 7 million-plus posts. However, #Customhoodie, or better yet, #school- hoodies have much fewer posts giv- ing you better odds of being noticed. Always search for the hashtag on In- stagram before using it. Some hashtags appear to mean one thing, but they are actually used in a very different way within certain populations. Mistakenly tagging your post with an inappropri- ate hashtag could do serious damage to the reputation of your business. 7. Name drop. Instagram is a great plat- form for sharing customer success sto- ries. Not everyone will catch a specific Stitch Solutions EMBROIDERY Left: Make sure you get close enough for viewers to see the design. Below: Clear shots are key on the image-based platform.

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