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2 0 1 9 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R 3 3 While that is a logical ap- proach, the other side of that is the algorithm now prioritizes posts by friends and bumps brands to secondary positions. Public pressure from politics, complaints from users, and several blunders and bad decisions eventually led Facebook to look into its beginnings as a place for keeping up with friends and family. As a result, those of us marketing on Facebook need to consider an unknown number of factors to get any appeal seen by those who have liked your business page. Without thinking through some strategies other than marketing and promotions, you're likely to be rendered invisible. Breaking down the Facebook ranking element, we find four areas to consider: Inventory: This is a collection of posts users have not yet seen from friends and the pages they follow since their last session. Signals: Facebook determines details such as whether someone is using a mobile device or a desktop with a high-speed connection, as well as how old the posts are within the inventory and those behind the posts in the inventory (friends, brands, news, etc.). Predictions: The algorithm analyzes the inventory and signals and makes decisions based on what posts users are more likely to engage in with a share, like, comment, etc. Relevancy: The final step is the algorithm taking the predictions and displaying them into the newsfeed accordingly. With that knowledge, let's funnel our posts through that ranking system with a strat- egy aimed towards reaching news feeds in addition to having good promotional selling points. On the inventory side, what are you going to drop in throughout each day? And how much, how often? Looking at signals, note that the algorithm checks on how old your posts are. With predictions, you must be clever. Consider this: If you post twice in the morning with something amusing that grabs several likes, shares, and comments, the chances of your most recent post getting past the predictions stage have increased with the signal to Facebook being that you have engaging content generating likes, shares, etc., and ranks higher than static posts with less activity. With all of that, the goal of achieving the relevant stage has dramatically improved, and the more you will see your posts getting eyeballs on them. PW Kelly "Rags" Ragland entered the imprinted sportswear industry in 1996, maintaining a sharp focus on Web Development and Internet Marketing in every part of his 20+ year career. He now lends the majority of his marketing skills to a global organization for animal welfare. Milwaukee, WI May 17-18, 2019 TRAINING in the HALL Wensco Sign Supply ............115 Please visit for more information. Training Stop A meeting place for entrepreneurs, producers, suppliers and distributors in the apparel decorating market. Experience the lively exhibit hall, the classes taught by industry experts and the endless networking opportunities, all conveniently located near you! Review other Internet Strate- gies columns such as Rhythm Nation, with info on pushing content through Facebook's algorithm with success:

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