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6 4 P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 9 SHOP TOUR AT A GLANCE LOCATION: Naples, Florida OWNERS: Daniela Tombion and Chaba Erdos SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1,500 sq. ft. PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT: • Two Tajima TFMII C1508 embroi- dery machines • One Brother PR620 embroidery machine • One Geo Knight DC16 heat press • One Geo Knight DK201 Clamshell • One Geo Knight DK7T Twin-Cap press • One Epson SureColor F2100 direct-to-garment printer • One Roland CAMM-1 GR Series vinyl cutter Printwear Shop Snapshot : Fully Promoted of Naples M any producers have a sports connection. Whether that's the seasonal push for the local high school teams, a longstanding deal with a nearby university, or a profes- sional licensing agreement with a national organization, these sorts of contracts make up a portion of any given decorators' business. For Daniela Tombion, co-owner of Fully Promoted of Naples, the lifeline to sports has a much more personal connection. "I've played sports most of my life, and I had the privilege to represent my country playing field hockey in numerous international tournaments," says Tombion. Originally born and raised in Venezuela, Tombion's passion for sports led to her interest in the creativity behind team uniforms. "[The uniforms] were one of the items I cherished the most," adds Tombion. "Complete with my name, my number, and our message printed on the garments, it was true happiness for me." Tombion says when she first explored the decorated apparel and promotional products markets, she realized that she could have a hand in recreating that same feeling for other young athletes looking forward to wearing their team uniform. After moving to Naples, Florida from Venezuela, Tombion and co-owner Chaba Erdos got involved in the promo- tional products business through the United Franchise Group, the parent company of Fully Promoted. The duo purchased an existing store that was in business for more than 10 years. "We really wanted to own a franchise, and when we found Fully Promoted, we knew it was a perfect fit," Tombion says. Providing services like embroidery, branded apparel, promotional products, and printed marketing materials, the pair finds importance in being active in the community. Tombion says being part of the United Franchise also helped set the structure and give the business momentum. "Naples is a great town and is growing every day," says Tombion. "We decided to take this path as we like to use our own hands to create, to design, and build items that allow those around us to grow and identify with their values and their brands." Part of that identity at Tombion and Erdos' shop centers around sustainability. And with Naples sitting on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, one might also surmise that paying atten- tion to the planet is something that comes naturally. "I care about the environment and our planet Earth," notes Tombion. "If we can give back by being conscious of what we produce, it is a small step on this big road." She adds, stating, "Since taking over the business, I have in- corporated my passion for protecting public health and the environment." When looking for vendors, her first choice is usually those that are sustainable. The business also takes measures to deliver customer products in paper bags and use recycled boxes, as well as participate in recycling programs. Additionally, the shop helps match eco-conscious customers with products that fit their mindset. Tombi- on points to a current client in need of pro- motional products for an upcoming event. "We wanted to help them find a sustainable product, and we landed on reusable straws," says Tombion. "This is a hot item as plastic straws are being banned in many cities." When it comes to building the business, Tombion notes that attention to ecological issues are top of mind, but so are top-notch customer relations skills and being a present force in the community. The shop is part of various local network groups, and Tombion contends that the most effective way to build a client base is to "always be friendly and kind and just let everyone know what we do." With that mindset, the business aims to be the top company providing mar- keting solutions with a specialization on sustainable goods in Naples. For more information, visit www.fully- PW 6 4 P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 9 Tombion strives to maintain a presence in the local Naples, Florida community. (Image cour- tesy Fully Promoted of Naples)

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