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rv-pro.com April 2019 • RV PRO • 31 and they still want to surf the web when they're sitting with their friends. Things like 5G, and cellular hot spots – which are already part of our offering – has its own value." And, while areas such as power man- agement and remote diagnostics don't have the same appeal, perhaps, as the ability to dim the lights at the right moment, that's where Hamood and Manfreda see tremendous potential with OneControl's ability to enhance communication to and from the coach. Putting a bit of a damper on things is recent problems that have arisen between some popular social media sites and users unhappy with the collection and dissem- ination of personal information. Rather than using what they are learning to sell an RV owner tunics or body wash, the data being collected through OneControl is being used to remotely diagnose issues and – ideally – build-in service improvements. Hamood compares it to going to an automobile dealership and hooking into a computer that shows the fault codes. "We've built those things into the con- trols we're putting in," Hamood says. "Now, the dealers have the ability to log into those, and we have the ability to log in and we can see problems, oftentimes before the end-user knows there's a problem." One of the next steps, he adds, is devel- oping an automated email system that will tell owners they might, for instance, have a low-voltage issue with a battery that could cause problems. Improved Service Nor does Hamood see this data collec- tion ending there. He says a longer-term goal is improving the service warranty expe- rience of the owner in a way that should be a game-changer for OEMs utilizing OneControl and the buyers of their units. "We know that's a struggle for the RV industry," he says. "Dealers will tell you they have a hard time getting techs who are quali- fied. We would like to be able to know what's wrong with a unit long before it gets to the dealership. If we can know what happened, we can have a part shipped to a dealer so it can be there to meet the customer and dras- tically cut down on service times." LCI says its ConnectAnywhere by OneControl product provides the fastest 4G LTE connectivity available (up to 150 Mbps) so RVers can stay connected wherever their travels take them.

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