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32 • RV PRO • April 2019 rv-pro.com O R I G I N A L E Q U I P M E N T A secondary benefit Hamood sees is that it will help the manu- facturers that supply the industry, including LCI, which is known for items such as axles, awnings and slide-outs. "We like to think we understand our products very well, but this gives us the opportunity to known them on a different level and improve them," he adds. "That's what we're looking at every single day." The goal of improving service times is getting a lot of buy-in from the OEMs, according to Hamood. While those companies realize the RV owner doesn't mind showing off the ability of his phone to operate his slide-outs, they, too, want to improve service times at their dealerships. The data also helps RV manufacturers understand how their customers are using their units in the field, and LCI is taking requests from OEMs that want to know different types of information of that nature – a process that's helped by the fact that OneControl operates out of Sterling Heights, Mich., and is manufactured in the United States. Manfreda says only recently did LCI turn up a case where mon- itoring fault codes showed that one OEM was having issues with a component LCI was providing – a first for the company. "Normally, the owner might have had a problem for the life of the vehicle and not known it," Manfreda says. "Or, they might have blown more fuses and it would be annoying. But, through the Cloud we were able to contact this manufacturer and have them reconfigure how they were installing the piece on the assembly line." Of course, LCI will continue to investigate more ways to con- nect and monitor the various components that go into an RV, but the possibilities go well beyond that. Not only will all RVs have a cellular connection, but it will be necessary to service the younger Millennial buyers. "Their expectation of service is much different than in the past," Hamood observes. "They're used to things fixing themselves in the moment and moving on, and as their expectations grow, we just get better at providing that." How much better? "We're going to be building better, smarter RVs from an OEM perspective, and we're going to be building better, smarter com- ponents from a supplier perspective," Hamood says. "And, the market is going to be much better in terms of consumer confidence because we'll have a tremendous idea of what's gone wrong and why it's gone wrong and how to fix it really quickly." See a Video of How LCI's OneControl Works: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI4rGxxtbl1yol3cBbIkT6aOsScThz8Wk 2019.04.01 - CURT - Half Page, RV Pro.indd 1 3/6/2019 3:38:53 PM

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