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36 • RV PRO • April 2019 rv-pro.com O R I G I N A L E Q U I P M E N T says. "We like to think this is just the beginning. We plan on working together on many future projects to continue to bring the automotive and RV industries closer together." Worldwide Control One thing that working with the automo- tive industry has brought to ASA Electronics – and likely the RV OEMs, as well – is more of a consumer presence in the development of "what comes next." Ultimately, what consumers want tends to drive any industry. However, Hess notes that in the RV market, in the past, much of what went into new models was driven by the OEMs. That certainly has been the case as the manufacturers select what goes into their units, including other ASA Electronics products, such as TVs and stereos. "Now, we've seen the statistics about technology in the camp- grounds and the demand customers have for this technology," Hess says. "We're certainly seeing that in a big way from the auto manufacturers, so our segment has been forced to be driven by the end-consumer, where that didn't exist before." As an example, Hess cites how cars have gone from being opened with a key, to being opened with a key fob, to where the presence of the fob on the driver unlocks the door. Also playing a role: The development of smart homes, which have also raised consumers' expectations. "Now that they know it exists and what it's capable of, con- sumers are starting to give us more feedback," he says. "It's not necessarily just replacing technology; it's amplifying what they're currently doing." Probably nowhere is that more evident than in the develop- ment of Global Connect. Hess notes that in the early beginnings of iN.Command, the main goal was controlling and monitoring components of the RV while within 80 feet of the trailer. "We started this system with point-to-point connections," Hess says. "We had no kind of air conditioner control. Not only have we added items like air conditioners into the system, but with Global Connect, a person can monitor and control things with his unit from anywhere in the world." Controlling something like the air conditioner – and the generator to run it – is particularly significant for the RV owner who may be hiking miles from his unit when he realizes the temperature is starting to rise, possibly compromising the com- fort and safety of the family pet. ASA Electronics' third-generation iN.Command system (pictured here showing the monitor screen and with the screen off to reveal the circuit boards) allows RVers to remotely monitor and control a plethora of systems on their RV, including their holding tanks, their awning, their jacks, their lights, their slide-outs and more.

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