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38 • RV PRO • April 2019 rv-pro.com "It becomes almost like the circuit box in a home," he says. "The dealers can ask us for the wiring plans for each model, so if the lights aren't working, they know it's this relay. The relays are color-coded, so it's very easy to diagnose things." Hess adds that ASA Electronics also has gotten kudos from dealer service departments because the company not only has wiring diagrams for every model that has iN.Command, but also the floorplans. Not surprisingly, ASA Electronics works closely with its OEMs and their dealers to make sure both their sales departments and their service departments are fully trained on the system. "We visit some of the larger dealers who sell iN.Command to do hands-on training," Hess says. "We offer that for the OEMs because it's a product that needs to be explained. It doesn't necessarily explain itself and so we're able to assist in that. We also train the OEM sales staffs to be able to train their dealers, as well as the ones we can't get to." ASA Electronics further enhances that training with webi- nars and videos on YouTube to help end-users with potential problem items such as pairing their phone with iN.Command, troubleshooting and how the system works. See a Video of How ASA Electronics' iN.Command Works: https://youtu.be/zNXcoPgHrXY ASA Electronics' early iN.Command system gave RVers the ability to remotely control select functions on their unit from about 80 feet away. However, with the development of Global Connect, RVers now have the capability to control certain RV functions from nearly anywhere in the world on their smartphones. O R I G I N A L E Q U I P M E N T While ASA Electronics is working with its OEMs to make sure RV owners have a better user experience, that's not the only area where work is continuing. The company is actively making sure its own prod- ucts work smoothly with the iN.Command system, as well as products from other suppliers with which it works. Hess mentions everyone from Equalizer Systems and BAL to Dometic and RVP/Coleman and says the goal there is "to make sure everything plays nice." "We've worked with a lot of vendors over the years who make these different components that talk with our system," he says. "We make sure we test the prototype that's done at an OEM plant with iN.Command to make sure the components are working fine. We don't leave it to the OEM to figure out and we don't force the OEM to buy components from us." Hess says he expects more suppliers to develop products that work with remote control in the future, and he expects the remote control system they'll be working with is iN.Command, which he believes has the potential to become synonymous with remote control for RV much as Kleenex has become the popular synonym for paper tissues. And, he attributes a lot of that to ASA Electronics' new relationship with General Motors, which is bringing the brand to the forefront of a competitive market. "It means better branding for us, better interfacing with the customer, and a better understanding of what the customer wants between truck and trailer," he concludes. "Then, we can take that and help our customers that we're working with at the RV OEM level to make a better user experience."

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