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rv-pro.com April 2019 • RV PRO • 53 of integrating the sway control into your weight distribu- tion hitch." Continuous Improvement is Key Today's Equal-i-zer looks quite different from the drawings Hedgepeth sent to the patent office in Washington, D.C., all those many years ago. That's a good thing, according to Anderson, as it proves Progress is continuously improving the design. "With just the bracketry that attaches to the trailer, we've gone through multiple changes and improvements over the years," Anderson says, "and those make it so that the dealer can attach and install the hitch more quickly, they fit more trailer styles, plus they make it easier for the consumer to adjust and change the hitch if they need to." That's just one innovation from the company's 12-member engineering team, he says. "They're constantly challenging all the different products and the different metals and they're always looking for either a more effective spring steel or more strength," Anderson says. "We have a lab where we have static test fixturing. We can put a hitch into a big frame that holds everything very rigidly Progress CEO Jed Anderson is pictured to two of the company's Equal-i-zer sway control hitches. The company prides itself on building its hitches in America with U.S.-made steel. PHOTOS COURTESY OF PROGRESS MFG. As demand for Equal-i-zer hitches has grown in recent years, the owners of the company have invested in the newest technology to make the best possible hitches. The engineers at Progress Mfg. put thousands of hours into designing and testing each product to ensure the best design and function for Progress customers. Pictured from left to right are: Daniel Fletcher, Kenny Mauerman, Lon Crouch, Jason Harper and Matt Barnes.

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