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rv-pro.com April 2019 • RV PRO • 69 If you were selling last year, you should have a bunch of pros- pects with whom you've been staying in touch. If they told you they would be ready to consider buying after a few months, maybe now is the time they are ready. Give 'em a call! My point is this. Unless you just started, you should have a number of leads you've been working. You should have a clear idea where the deal stands with each of those prospects. And you should be ready to engage each of them with a fresh value proposition or a new way to get the deal done. Payday Comes from Planning You should have taken stock not only of the available "ups", but also of your mindset going into the season. I don't care if it is a cliché, there is truth to the old saying, "If you fail to plan – you plan to fail." It takes at least two things. First, as someone in the business of selling, you have to decide that you want to be in the game. From there, you must consciously decide how you are going to play the game. If your heart isn't in it, don't take up someone else's desk. I'm sure your boss would rather you quit and leave than quit and stay! When you've committed, it's time to make and execute your plan. How many sales do you want to make a month? What's your historical closing percentage? Divide your desired number of sales by that percentage and you'll know the number of people you'll need to get in front of with your polished, professional sales presentation. So, the task becomes clearer. How many ups can you take from the door and how many can you count on generating on your own. If you have a well-developed CRM and BDC, count your blessings! No Shortcuts – Work Long Term This may seem counterintuitive, but when the selling pace speeds up, you need to slow down. There will be a natural tendency to speed up your process so you don't miss that next opportunity you notice coming in the front door. However, don't blow off the customer you already have in front of you to get to the next one. If you aren't aware of this tendency, it will be natural for you to want to skip steps or take shortcuts. Don't do it. Period. Think of the title of that old '70s song: "Love the One You're With." If you start down the path of taking shortcuts, you will miss the sale with the current customer. And who knows if the next one who is standing by the front door receptionist is a serious buyer or not? BETTER TRAINERS. BETTER RESULTS. rvdealerprotraining.com dreed@dealerprotraining.com Call Now for your FREE * Management Training Center Seat ($995 value). 1 . 8 8 8 . 5 5 3 . 0 1 0 0 ✓Better Scheduling ✓Better Productivity ✓Better Profi ts *Limit one free seat per dealership. DPRO-340RVAd3_375x4_875.indd 1 8/16/18 11:06 AM Reach more RV Pros! EMAIL ADVERTISING INQUIRIES TO: jfoos@nbm.com (800) 669-0424 X 212 www.rv-pro.com Meet RV PRO's Account Executive Jordyn Foos

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