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10 THE SHOP MAY 2019 High-end audio specialist JL Audio recently released its most powerful amplifier to date. included antenna allows the driver to not only search for destinations but also to verbally choose a specific destination from the list and initiate driving directions. In addition to standard in-car functions like media and navigation, customers can also enjoy many of the standard Alexa features and capabilities, including smart home controls and access to tens of thousands of Alexa Skills. The ALX2 also includes an industry-first safety GUI that utilizes simple gesture and touch responses to switch between multimedia modes with ease. SiriusXM and HFP Bluetooth are also onboard with phonebook support, allowing multiple user presets and mul- tiple devices to play music and answer calls. MORE VOICE CONTROL Those not looking to swap head units but still wanting Alexa can check out the Scosche BTFREQ that won a CES Innova- tion award. The BTFREQ charger plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter and then serves as a small Echo-like device. It connects via Bluetooth or an aux-in cable to access Alexa. Users can then ask to play music, hear the news, check weather and more. The BTFREQ also works with Apple's Siri and Google Voice. High-end audio specialist JL Audio recently released its most powerful ampli- fier to date. Built to deliver staggering amounts of world-class bass output, the RD1500/1 offers reduced current draw and heat at an affordable price. It features low-impedance stability at either 1 or 2 ohms, a complete signal pro- cessing package and the latest in switching ability with JL Audio's exclusive NexD Class D technology. What we really dig are the built-in LED clipping indicators. These allow installers to quickly and accurately set the amplifier input sensitivity settings without additional equipment. This means shops that typically do not use RTAs or oscilloscopes can still level- match the signal input for maximum output without distortion. It's perfect for a shop that installs a couple of big sub- woofers in a throwback classic that usually doesn't perform audio installations. Additionally, JL Audio offers a Remote Level Control (RBC-1) to control the bass from the front seat. This monster RD1500/1 really delivers with a clean 1,500W. NEW HEAD UNIT Alpine showed off a new head unit designed for when the fit is tight behind the dashboard. Suitable for retrofits in classic cars as well as when space is at a premium, the iLX-W650 is a 7-inch head unit with a shallow chassis. To keep things simple, amplifiers can be added in the form of the KTA-450 power pack. "The iLX-W650 and the KTA-450 Power CES 2019 The Wild & Wonderful from Pioneer's SPH-10BT has a built-in, rotatable smartphone cradle designed to provide a secure mounting solution and fully integrate the smartphone with the in-dash receiver. Scosche's award- winning BTFREQ charger plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter to serve as a small Echo-like device.

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