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MAY 2019 THE SHOP 13 included remote level control, and the enclosure even features quick-release con- nectors for easy removal when you need extra cargo space." As a retailer, you just need to feed it power and a signal though speaker-level inputs. The unit does not need its own turn-on wire. There is circuitry built into the class-D amplifier that automatically turns it on and off based on the audio signal. There is also an onboard cross- over and phase switch to easily make bass quickly and efficiently. Finally, VOXX Electronics has partnered with DW Fritz to create an onboard jump- starter that is installed in the vehicle. No matter how careful you or your customers are, sometimes power demands overtax the stock battery—especially during off- roading, in cold weather or when tailgating. The VOXX Power System can be acti- vated manually or through a smartphone app. The app monitors battery health and sends notifications to the smartphone if power is getting low. The unit includes circuitry so it cannot be overcharged. "No longer do consumers need to rely on roadside assistance or portable jump packs to assist them when they have a dead battery," says Aron Demers of VOXX. "The VOXX Power Systems will be here 24/7 whenever the need arises to jump a battery. Never worry about a dead por- table jump pack, missing jumper cables or waiting around for roadside assistance ever again. The new VOXX Electronics Installed Power Solution offers a safe and easy way to add a pre-installed, on- demand power source that is always there when you need it the most." The system activates manually or through apps for Android and iOS devices; monitors battery health and sends notification alerts to smartphones or tablets; charges auto- matically and cannot be overcharged; and includes a built-in flashlight, emergency flashers, USB charging ports and a plug-in for jumper cables for jumping other cars. The unit is designed for aftermarket installation and can be tucked away in the dashboard, the trunk or under a seat. BRETT SOLOMON is a freelance writer based in New York City, specializing in the mobile electronics market.

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