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MAY 2019 THE SHOP 17 W hen you're talking 4x4 trucks and SUVs, a good place to start is with a lift treatment or sus- pension upgrade. The most popular way to add height is with a lift kit; where all the parts are designed to work together for the best possible fitment and ease of installation. But it's not just "pick a kit off the shelf and get out the wrenches." Some kits are designed for bigger wheel/tire packages and some use the stock pieces. It all depends on the kit and how much the owner wants to lift the stance of the vehicle. The balance of the vehicle is also an important factor, with leveling kits also coming into play. Add today's more com- plicated OEM suspension systems and you've got a viable market that shops need to know about. Specifically, we went to manufacturers to ask about technology changes, hot parts for 2019 and how shops can increase their lift kit sales. TECH TALK It's no secret that today's off-road vehicles are more technical than ever. So, it's no surprise that lift kit technology has made it a priority to keep pace. "Technology has brought creature com- forts and conveniences to truck owners that were formerly found only in luxury sedans and coupes, such as navigation and info- tainment systems," says Mark Turner, CEO, Daystar Products. "Under the chassis it's a bit different. Daystar invests the expertise and time to develop lift systems that work in conjunction with vehicle collision avoid- ance sensors, vehicle stability controls and computerized drivetrain management." Michael McLaughlin, director of sales and marketing for Superlift Suspension Systems, agrees that today's lift kits must be 100-percent compatible with new vehicle tech. "Today's trucks, Jeeps and SUVs come Getting the most out of lift kit sales & installations. By John Carollo MAY 2019 THE SHOP 17 Today's lift kits need to work with the latest technol- ogy found on newer off-road vehicles. (Photo courtesy Daystar Products) Lifting vehicles just enough to avoid rubbing or other interference makes for happier customers. (Photo courtesy Daystar Products)

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