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20 THE SHOP MAY 2019 it comes to suspension. A lot of times, there is this dread of how long a job may take or the skill level that one must have to prop- erly install the system," he says. "Obviously, for shops, the first time around may not go exactly as planned, but once you get a couple under your belt, the more comfort- able you become. Installation capabilities may be the factor that guarantees a sale." LIFTING SALES Armed with all this product and technical knowledge, what's a step shops can take to increase lift kit-related sales? Well-informed customers are looking to partner with shops to meet their lift kit needs. (Photo courtesy Alloy USA) Consider other aspects of the vehicle when choosing the proper lift or leveling kit, including the wheels and tires. (Photo courtesy Alloy USA) Installation capabilities help shops close the sale when it comes to lift kits. (Photos courtesy TrailFX) In-store displays can help custom- ers during the buying process. (Photo courtesy TrailFX)

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