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MAY 2019 THE SHOP 35 MAY 2019 THE SHOP 35 Once the customer settles on a product or service, the salesperson will take a deposit and schedule the installation at the cus- tomer's convenience. However, if the customer isn't ready to purchase the accessory initially, the com- pany doesn't push the sale. Moffat also makes a point of not selling her customers anything they don't need just for the sake of making more profits. While some shops are always looking for that additional sale, Moffat believes that her customers are making an investment when shopping with Terry's Toppers, and she wants them to make a decision that's best for their needs. Originally a truck acces- sories shop, the business has expanded its product and service offerings to serve customers with a variety of needs. 2019.05.01 - LUVERNE - Half Page, The Shop.indd 1 3/19/2019 3:30:41 PM

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