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36 THE SHOP MAY 2019 "An informed customer is a happy cus- tomer, so we try to give customers enough information to make a decision—but not so much that it overwhelms them," she says. "We don't feel like we have to make a hard sell right then on anybody. When they're ready, we're here for them." Such transparency helps the shop (terrys- develop deep trust with its customers. That trust has led to many long-term relationships as well as plenty of word-of-mouth advertising. "We treat customers like we would want to be treated," Moffat says. "If you walk into a shop to spend money, especially on something like a camper shell or van shelving project, you're going to spend a couple grand at minimum. We want people to feel good about spending their money and know they're getting what they need." In some cases, Terry's Toppers may not have the product the customer needs, and in those cases Moffat isn't afraid to refer them to another local shop. It's all part of being a valuable resource to the customer and providing great service. Even if Terry's Toppers doesn't have the right solution in that situation, the cus- tomer will remember how Moffat and her team continued to help. Along with taking a consultative approach to customer service, Moffat says she constantly checks the local market and internet to ensure she's offering fair pricing. Of course, maintaining margins is neces- sary for profitability, and every business should know its value. Generally, Moffat tries not to be the highest- or lowest-priced shop in the mar- ketplace. "You don't want to undercharge and leave money on the table, but we also don't want to gouge people," Moffat says. "We're The Terry's Toppers sales approach is to present customers with information and guidance, and then let them make the pur- chase when the time is right. The helpful employees at Terry's Toppers were there from the beginning to help Moffat learn the ropes of running an aftermarket shop. MAKING HER MARK 36 THE SHOP MAY 2019

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