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50 THE SHOP MAY 2019 The biggest misconception surrounding performance drivetrain products is … … when it comes to clutches it's that the lightest assembly is the best for that application. For drivability, inertia is your friend. Going too light will make the car undrivable on the street or in any other stop-and-go situations. When the rotating assembly is too light, it makes the car fall on its face and makes it difficult to tune for drivability. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their performance drivetrain business … … when looking to improve drivetrain business, find out the overall intended pur- pose of the vehicle so you don't over-clutch or under-clutch. Secondly, when repairing, look for the reason for a clutch failure – don't neces- sarily assume it was the clutch. It could be an improperly set-up hydraulic/throwout bearing assembly, oil contamination or worn pivot point. EXEDY Van Buren Twp., Michigan James Young Sales Manager Our hottest product for the performance drivetrain aftermarket is … …. our new Stage 1 & 2 Jeep Performance kits for the TJ & JK series. Its best features include… … increased clamp load cover, hardened diaphragm for increased durability and power capacity without sacrificing daily drivability, segmented Cera-metallic fric- tion material for increased durability, torque and holding capacity. It also has a Marcel cushion spring and tuned damp- ening hub for smooth engagement, and the friction facing will not deteriorate due to exposure or contamination from water. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance drivetrain market is … … as an MT and AT component manufac- turer, the growth of counterfeit product in the market is something we see as having a large negative impact. The increased amount of product that is listed as perfor- mance product that was not designed or made to be a performance item negatively impacts manufacturers and the market as a whole. The biggest misconception surrounding performance drivetrain products is … … being an MT and AT component manufacturer, the biggest misconception we encounter is the focus on Horsepower (HP) instead of Wheel Torque (WTQ) in determining which clutch to use. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their performance drivetrain business … … remind customers that when modifying their engine to get more power to make sure they also upgrade their drivetrain to hold it. EXEDY recommends focusing on Wheel Torque (WTQ), rather than horsepower, to determine which clutch to use. Pictured from left to right are EXEDY's Stage 1 Clutch for Jeep, Stage 2 Cera-metallic Clutch kit for Jeep, and the 7.25" Stage 4 Clutch kit. (Photos courtesy EXEDY) An example of the most common driveline upgrade for modern IRS cars, a set of GForce Renegade Axles and 1-piece aluminum driveshaft. (Photo courtesy GForce) Keep On Rolling

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