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52 THE SHOP MAY 2019 Keep On Rolling So far, we are unaffected by the EPA man- dates or similar restrictions. However, we have to worry about the day when govern- ment restrictions do limit power, and we are not necessary. The biggest misconception surrounding performance drivetrain products is … … how good new cars are today. They are truly well dialed-in feats of engineering. I mean, think about 700 horsepower, 20 mpg, adaptive cruise control, and a whisper-quiet ride. This was all unheard of 10 years ago. In addition, the potential for these cars to make exponentially more power is incredible. Consumers want to build 1,000-plus horsepower cars to daily drive – and they can! But they want to do it without affecting the aesthetics of the car. This is where it gets tough. We work very hard to look at every system in a car that affects the capabili- ties of our products – ot just driveline, but suspension and bushings. These all have an effect on the driver's experience. Our products are no different. I think it's important for both shops and consumers to understand the nature of the complicated relationship between all these components and the driving experience. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their performance drivetrain business … … It all comes down to education. If you can educate the consumer on the advan- tages, disadvantages and why it's a good investment for them, the sale is easy. We try hard to spend time to relay what we know and what we've learned to all our dealers. If we can arm them with the infor- mation, they will be better equipped to sell our product. Managing the customer's expectations often results in a more satis- fied customer. Heidts Suspension Lake Zurich, Illinois Scott Diedrich Director of Marketing Our hottest product for the performance drivetrain aftermarket is … … independent rear suspension kits for muscle cars. Its best features include … … Heidts IRS are bolt-in kits that are vehicle-specific for the early Camaro and Firebird, Mustang and Nova. Our kits are simple to install and can be done in a home garage in a weekend with simple hand tools. IRS kits provide a smooth ride with great performance both on and off the rack. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance drivetrain market is … … budgeting. We sometimes find that Look to steer customers to the best suspension kit for their specific needs. (Photos courtesy Heidts) people like to build a big-horsepower motor, or throw a beautiful coat of paint on the car with a great interior, but then the car drives and handles poorly. Suspension kits that worked decades ago don't cut it with what people are used to in their daily drivers. We try to steer the cus- tomer to the best suspension kit for their needs, but unfortunately that sometimes is more than what they set aside for that part of the build. The biggest misconception surrounding performance drivetrain products is … … thinking all suspension kits are the same and going for the cheapest option. Heidts offers various levels of IFS kits for many of our applications depending on what the customer is looking to do. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their performance drivetrain business … … teaming with longstanding and repu- table brands like Heidts makes a shop's job easier when it comes to recommending and installing a high-dollar suspension kit. McLeod Racing Anaheim, California Krista Baldwin Creative Director Our hottest products for the performance drivetrain aftermarket are … … our 10R80 frictions and steel kits for the automatic transmission side, and our RST/RXT/RXT1200 twin-disc clutches for the manual side. Its best features include … … on our 10R80 kits are the Raybestos frictions and steels. Raybestos is the best when it comes to frictions, so it made sense for us to team up with them to make our McLeod by Raybestos lineup of products. The best features on our twin-disc clutch

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