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MAY 2019 THE SHOP 53 WWW.ENERGYSUSPENSION.COM setups are that they are able to go from the street to the track without changing anything. You can drive to the track, race your car for the night and drive home, and the clutch pedal has the same great feel. The outside factor having the greatest effect on the performance drivetrain market is … … that people want to go faster. The late- model engines are making more and more horsepower and harnessing that horse- power is always a challenge. McLeod makes products so that anyone from the weekend warrior to the professional racer can have a safe, reliable clutch or automatic transmis- sion rebuild kit. The biggest misconception surrounding performance drivetrain products is … … the longevity of a performance product. The term of life depends on what you do with the vehicle. If you are racing it every weekend, then in some time you'll need to send in your clutch to be rebuilt so that you can continue to race hard. If you are out for some Sunday cruises, then the performance product will last longer. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their performance drivetrain business … … definitely social media. The more successful shops have social media pages that highlight their expertise and their customers' cars, either at the track or on the street. It's easy now to have a college intern who is studying filmmaking produce quality content for you that is of interest to potential customers and highlights manu- facturers' products as well as promotes your business. Harnessing the horsepower found in late-model engines is always a challenge. (Photo courtesy McLeod Racing)

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