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MAY 2019 THE SHOP 55 Baumiller also has a competitive diesel pulling truck that has won several local pulling league titles. Many shops use a competition truck to advertise their ser- vices with their shop name prominently displayed on the side. It helps if you win a lot, and Baumiller has that covered. Infinity Diesel ( recently added machine shop services when Baumiller bought out a local Rapid City machine shop, so its service offerings have expanded considerably. Like many of our diesel shops, this one is family-owned, and the shop's employees are part of that family. If you ever get to the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore or Sturgis, stop in and say hello to Infinity Diesel. Infinity Diesel in Summerset, South Dakota takes care of the diesel needs of locals and travelers. The Infin- ity Diesel work area includes 15 always-full bays and overflow in the parking lot. BUILT TO FIT YOUR NEXT MOVE? From the street to the fleet to the track, APC brake, chassis and emissions systems are built to fit, built to move. Move your undercar business forward at A P C a u t o t e c h . c o m. W E ' V E B R O U G H T T H E B E S T O F B R A K E S A N D E M I S S I O N S T O G E T H E R D R U M S & R O T O R S H I G H - P E R F O R M A N C E B R A K I N G S Y S T E M S F R I C T I O N C A T A L Y T I C C O N V E R T E R S & M U F F L E R S H E A V Y - D U T Y A F T E R T R E A T M E N T E X H A U S T P I P E S & T U B I N G AC193_TheShop_APC_Built_To_Fit_Family_Ad_P22_HalfV_4-19_V1.pdf 1 3/13/19 11:49 AM

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