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6 THE SHOP MAY 2019 I t could be argued that CES was the bigger auto show compared to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit a week later. Although both shows have manufacturer support, CES has honed-in on the aftermarket—and seemingly every electronic gadget available! GET IN THE GAME Let's start with something weird—but it could be the future. We all know how popular videogames have become—according to Reuters, they generate more than $116 billion in revenue, which eclipses both TV and the box office. Audi's goal is to redefine in-car entertain- ment in the form of a specialized video- game that uses the vehicle and its sensors. As part of a subsidiary called Holoride, Audi is combining videogames with vir- tual reality. The best way to describe it is that it's reminiscent of the simulators at amusement parks that shake the seats and bounce you around in order to immerse you in a video. Audi has combined that technology with a VR headset that uses the G-forces of the vehicle to interact with a videogame. Audi demonstrated the immersive futuristic technology at CES with "Mar- vel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run," an in-car VR experience for backseat pas- sengers brought to life by Disney Games and Interactive Experiences. Wearing VR glasses, the passengers in an Audi e-tron are transported into a fantastical depiction of outer space—the e-tron now functions as the ship manned by the Guardians of the Galaxy, as the passengers make their way through an asteroid field together with Rocket, a character that will appear in Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame this spring. Every movement of the car is reflected in the experience in real time. If the car turns a tight corner, the player curves around an opposing spaceship in virtual reality. If the Audi e-tron accelerates, the ship in the experience does the same. In the future, backseat passengers will be able to experi- In-car entertainment continues to change the game. CES 2019 The Wild & Wonderful from CES 2019 was the place to see the latest technological advancements. (Photo courtesy CES) By Brett Solomon Audi demonstrated a new in-car gaming experience at CES 2019 that works like an amusement park simulator and uses the vehicle's movements to dictate gameplay. Automotive cybersecurity an autonomous vehicle priority:

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