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14 • May 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE W hen looking at a channel letter project, it is easy to notice several different parts working in unison to make the total sign an effective display—the three-dimensional, carefully-formed elements. Perhaps the letters adorn a storefront, spelling out a brand name in a large font. During nighttime, these letters are illuminated brightly by LEDs, easily seen from a distance. This is a pro- fessional and impactful sign, located in a prominent place. What isn't so easy to see are the unsung components and efforts that go into the channel letters before they are installed. How are the letters fabricated? What equipment is used? What are some major consider- ations for sign shops? For this article, several questions were posed to some knowledgeable industry experts—all sharing unique perspectives within the discipline of channel letters. This resulted in helpful advice and insight Ryan Fugler is a free- lance writer and for- mer editor of Wraps magazine. He can be reached at rnfugler@ with ques- tions or comments. Cost savings are just one benefit to using a wholesaler for channel letters. (Image courtesy of Gemini Sign Products) Learning Channel THE C H A N N E L L E T T E R S Q&A session with channel letter wholesalers and experts B Y R Y A N F U G L E R

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