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market. Low voltage, reliable, no breakage and shipping is less complicated. There are so many options for LED lighting now! One of them is the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting that allows the customer to have different colors of light in the same sign. SDG: What are some specific ways in which LEDs have impacted quality? Lewis: LED companies have transformed the channel letter business in a few ways. If you go with a top brand you can get up to a 10-year warranty for the LED. That is amazing. The bad part is tons of people use local sign shops or local wholesalers that use inferior LED brands and they look horrible within six months to a year—all to save a dollar. Your reputation is on the line each and every time you go with the cheapest option. Buy smart. Sciortino: You've got good LEDs and you've got some that are not so good. We only go with the good LEDs. We haven't had any LED problems. The LED signs just don't break. The quality today is just so much better with LEDs. When I sell an LED sign, I doubt it ever breaks. It's just a very quality product. SDG: Do you have to be a licensed electrician to install channel letters? Flaska: Installation by a licensed electrician is highly recom- mended and may be required depending on local code. Lewis: In certain states you have to be, or have, a licensed electrician. Texas and California are two that come to mind. Design, Install and Implementation This seems like a quick three-step process—design, produce, install—but really there is a lot of work behind the scenes. From concept to execution there are many of moving pieces. If using a wholesaler, the design needs to be sent along to begin production, and then shipping and installation dates should be clearly specified to all parties—this includes the wholesaler, the shop and the end user. S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2019 • 17 Channel letters can be illuminated with an open or closed face, like this sign. (Image courtesy of Direct Sign Wholesale) Channel letters are a fit for both indoor and outdoor applications. (Image courtesy of Gemini Sign Products) Halo lit channel letters provide a "glowing" illumination. (Image courtesy of Gemini Sign Products) Installation by a licensed electrician is highly recommended.

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