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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2019 • 31 made great signs and we were affordable. That's great, but it didn't address our potential and all the things our custom- ers could get from us to help their brand besides signs. The new tag line did. Six simple words became the driving force behind our growth, profit, transformation, diver- sification, and culture; More Than Signs, We Build Impressions. And from those six words came our two-word higher call- ing; Building Impressions. If you were not on board with the mission, it was time to go, and some people ended up leaving or being let go because they were not in alignment with our higher calling. Eventually our portfolio included a lot more than just signs and we began making things like faÇades, canopies, awnings, structures, artwork, lighting, window shades, building accents, inte- riors, displays, printed graphics. We went from making signs to producing just about anything related to brand and image. We even started a new division and gave it the name Building Impressions and made it a sponsor member of AIA as we started working more with architects, developers and builders. But none of this " Purpose has power, and when that purpose is branded, a brand is better connected to the targeted customer." would have taken place without a higher calling. Branding the higher calling brings it to life and often leads to substantial projects involving signage, graphics, and branded environments as that defined purpose becomes infused with the over- all brand. A higher calling is a good place to start with building impressions for your- self, your company, and for your custom- ers. Get to know the higher calling of your clients, then use it to build impres- sions. SDG

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