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48 • May 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS A heat gun can be used to warm and soften the film and to get heat on the edges and make sure they are anchored in place. Or a pressure-on-demand steamer can provide a layer of instant steam to help form the material to the surface. Once the PPF is installed, the care is easy, Wood says. "You want to clean it the same way you clean your car," Wood says. "You don't have to do anything special to clean it." What Can Happen? Errors can result in the installation process if the right steps are not taken, Keller says. The adhesive could dry pre- maturely as the film is stretched, or the film could be overstretched or not prop- erly aligned, he says. "This film is a thick version of Saran Wrap with adhesive underneath," Keller says. "It can already start to set if you don't know what you're doing. It can dis- tort. Anything that distorts will become visible to the customer." The adhesive, as it starts to set, will bond with the paint, Keller says, adding that in the case of the appearance of a microfiber fragment or a hair, the PPF materials can be picked up and set back down if done quickly. "It's easy if you set it down and pick it up, but if it's sitting, it becomes harder," Keller says. The most important thing for install- ers is to get proper training, Keller says. Different manufacturers offer training classes that last about three to five days— installers should find out about the expe- rience of the trainer, what is taught, how much hands-on experience there is and the kind of certification, he says. "A wrap background is beneficial, but you need to understand the applications of this film," Keller says. "It's different, so get the right training. If you learn how to do this right and do it well, business will find you." SDG Biggest Differences Between Wrap Film and PPF • PPF is applied wet • PPF isn't printed, usually it's clear • PPF is usually twice as thick Xpel Inc. in San Antonio, Texas, demonstrates an installation of paint protection film with JK2 Detailing in Spokane, Washington, for Porsche of Spokane.

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