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52 • May 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S den of needing to pay the business with our new start-up money. For new shop owners, grinding out those early years and not taking on debt can really help you get ahead." Building a Trusting Client Base For many new wrap shops, finding initial clients can be challenging, but Ashley Lumpkins had previously owned another business and leveraged her exist- ing network to find those first custom- ers, she says. As those clients went to St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps, they would share their experience with other busi- ness leaders in the community, which led to solid word-of-mouth referrals. Whenever St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps finished a job for a satisfied customer, Ashley Lumpkins also made sure to text the customer a direct link to their Facebook page and Google business list- ing and specifically ask for a "five-star review," which helped build a respectable online presence. "Our first customers already knew us and trusted us as reputable people from life and other businesses, and they were calling us for vehicle wraps before we had even started advertising," Ashley Lumpkins says. "Even though our busi- ness was new and we just came into this industry, we were able to do really well." After two years of long hours and hard work, the Lumpkins used that solid network of referrals to build their busi- WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS ness up to the point that they were able to transition to St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps full time. Pete Lumpkins now focuses on installations while Ashley Lumpkins handles the sales and market- ing. For printing, detailing and design, the Lumpkins subcontract that work but remain involved in making sure their subcontractors produce work that's in line with the client's expectations. "Either in person or over email— whichever they prefer—I sit down with the client to get as much information as possible," Ashley Lumpkin says. "I ask them to send me photos of their vehicle and all of their logos and color prefer- ences. I'll also ask them to go online and search for vehicle wraps and examples that they like, so I can get to know their style and personality. That's really helpful in making sure they get what they want, and then I take that information to the designer." Today St. Augustine Vehicle Wraps takes on all types of commercial projects,

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