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72 • May 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL This project was for a beautiful rural church and would go in the foyer area behind their welcome or information desk. It consisted of a "lighthouse" logo, and about 40 letters, all cut from 3/16" thick black acrylic, which would be left in its natural glossy form. The large lighthouse was a bit too big for our laser, so it was cut on a water- jet, and the drops around the lighthouse shape would be used as material from which to cut the lettering. The edges of the lighthouse graphic would be coated with "SuperFrog Clear" to mimic the pol- ished edge look of acrylic cut on a laser. Once all the cutting was done, the method of inserting small, sharp studs would be much like the metal job already mentioned, but this time the studs would be common clear push pins trimmed down, and the adhesive would be thick acrylic weld glue. The push pins were clipped short with a pair of wire cutters, then each one was sanded down with a small hand grinder so it merely had a short (about 1/8") dowel that would be glued into shallow 3/16" holes that were drilled on the backs of each item. The drilling was done care- fully with a drill press so there was little chance of drilling through the letter or logo pieces. This job involved one large item, and a whole lot of little pieces, and it took a couple of hours to modify about 150 This acrylic display was installed in a similar way, but using different push in hardware. The largest part was too big for our laser, so it and the drops around it, were cut first on a waterjet. The drops were then cut into about 40 letters on the laser. The mate- rial here is standard black 3/16" thick acrylic. For permanently installing the tiny studs to be used, shallow holes were first drilled in the backs of each item on a drill press. The drill size was 3/16" and about 1/8" deep.

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