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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2019 • 73 push pins, drill several recesses in the back side of each item, and then get all the studs glued in place. After that, every- thing was allowed to dry overnight. The next day, all the lettering and smaller logo parts were pushed into cards made from fluted plastic and put in a box in layers, protected from each other and easily packed in a cardboard box for car- rying to the jobsite about 35 miles away. Once there, it took about 30 minutes getting everything out, peeled off the masking for the first time, and placing the pattern (which was in six pieces) up on the wall, positioned exactly right. After that, the install was a piece of cake. No drilling, no glue, no mess, just about 25 minutes to push everything firmly in place, seating all the push pin studs into the wall, and by some great luck hitting no sheet rock screws or nails at all. Both of these jobs, in the end, involved some of the easiest and cleanest installs we know how to do, and, at least in the field, both installs were extremely fast and simple. They are as permanent as they need to be, and as temporary as anyone might later want them to be, and each project was actually quite a bit of fun, too. If we have our preference, a whole lot more of our installations would be like these. SDG Standard clear office store push pins were clipped off with wire cutters and bumped with a hand grinder to trim them to the right size. These shop-made studs fit perfectly into the receiver holes and were easily glued in place. Thick acrylic weld glue scraped off a stir stick was used as the bonding adhesive. After all parts had their studs in place, the adhesive was allowed to harden overnight. The field work on this job was super easy, and getting the size part pattern in just the right place took about as long as installing letters and log. Again, no adhesive was used in the field, and no drilling was required either. The push pin "studs" are very sharp and are more than enough to hold each piece in place. After placing the pat- tern on the wall, it took 25 minutes to install all elements of this job.

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