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26 • A&E MID-MAY 2019 S et your sandcarved metal cups apart from the rest by adding multiple colors. If you haven't sand- carved metal, you are missing out on personalizing the popular Yeti, S'well, and other containers. There are many methods to mark metal, but sandcarving metal has many benefits: • Sandcarving metal is quick. • No special equipment needed for round objects. • Add one or more colors easily with certain masks. • Mask peels away easily. Sandcarving only removes the coated surface or the polish of the metal surface. It is important to know that you will not obtain depth with sandcarving metal surfaces. Sand- carving metal surfaces takes seconds to accomplish. We use SR2000 5 mil or 6 mil (applied adhesive) or SR3000 5 mil as the sandcarving stencil/mask for these projects. How to Sandcarve Metal Surfaces and Paint-Fill with Multiple Colors By Rayzist Please note if using SR2000 film 5 mil or 6 mil, it requires a layer of RZ2 adhesive. The adhesive works well with textured surfaces or blasting at higher pressure such as 45 – 55 psi. The 6 mil film also hold up to a coarser abrasive such at 120 grit. The coarser grit allows for a faster blast. If using SR3000 Self- Stick film 5 mil, it works for blasting smooth surfaces at 40 – 45 psi using 150 grit aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. Please consult your user's guide for your specific film. MATERIALS NEEDED: • Metal tumbler • Film (used here: SR2000 or SR3000) • Spray paint (used here: Mon- tana and Belton Molotow) Finished Product. IMAGES COURTESY RAYZIST How-To/Tutorial Step One.

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