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36 • A&E MID-MAY 2019 A lthough glass is a hard material, it is easily scratched or chipped when not handled correctly. Even one particle of sand or dust on an unpro- tected surface can and will scratch glass. Any hard material, including glass that comes into contact with another piece of glass, can chip your glass substrate, particularly on the edges or corners. Through many years of experience, w e h a v e f o u n d Handling Glass Properly to Avoid Chips and Scratches By CrystalEdge that the number one cause of scratches on glass is inadequate, or un-protected, bench or work table surfaces. We rec- ommend that all of your bench and work table surfaces be carpeted with soft, premium-quality plush carpeting (note this in the photo). This allows any particulate created by dust, or contaminates from glass fabrication processes, to be absorbed into the carpet pile. You should brush or vacuum these carpeted surfaces every day to remove any particulate. Glass always needs extra care and an organized work station with good surface protection. Treat glass with care and respect, and the end result will be a beautiful finished product. IMAGE COURTESY CRYSTALEDGE A&E 36 • A&E MID-MAY 2019 Business Tip

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