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A&E MID-MAY 2019 • 45 A lmost anything that is laser engraved is going to have some kind of residue left behind, and the best way to remove it depends on the type of substrate. Usually it's a simple process as long as you have what you need on hand. • Ceramic: There is generally little res- idue left behind when you laser ceramic, so a quick wipe down with a dry cloth is usually all that's needed. • Non powder-coated colored metal: Some- times there will still be a little hint of color left behind after you've lasered this type of item. Acetone is effective in removing that without dam- aging the finish. When cleaning with acetone, it can be beneficial to wait until you have a few done and clean them at the same time. This cuts down on contact with your skin and as acetone evapo- rates quickly, it can be cost-saving as well. How to Clean Mugs/Tumblers after Laser Engraving By JDS Industries • Powder-coated metals: LA Awe- some, an all-in-one cleaner that's both biodegradable and non-toxic, works great for this. Simply spray it on and wipe it off with a micro- fiber cloth. It begins to work on contact so there is no need to wait. • Leatherette: Tumblers wrapped in laserable leatherette can also easily be cleaned with LA Awesome. Just spray it on and wipe it off. How-To/Tutorial Give your customers the quality product they deserve with your expertise and these simple finishing tips. IMAGE COURTESY JDS INDUSTRIES A&E MID-MAY 2019 • 45 A&E

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