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66 • A&E MID-MAY 2019 S andcarving glassware is a wonderful way to take the quality of the design to the next level. It adds depth that you are unable to achieve with a laser engraver and is the perfect technique for special, customized glassware. In this how-to article, we sandcarve a beer mug for a mug club program at a brewery. With all the microbreweries in Colorado, many are interested in adding mug club programs to honor their most valuable customers. Anytime that you want to add personalization and efficiency to your sandcarving, using a laser to create the pattern is a great time-saver. This tutorial walks you through creating a sandcarved mug and using a laser engraver to create the pattern. MATERIALS NEEDED: • Laser tape (used here is from IKONICS Imaging) • Laser engraving machine with rotary attachment (used here is a 60-watt Epilog Helix) • Settings (for this example): Speed 25%; Power 50%; 600 DPI • Masking tape • Sandcarving machine STEPS: 1 Prepare the surface of your mug for the laser tape. Clean the surface of your mug with denatured How to Sandcarve a Beer Mug By Braden Todd, Glassmith2 alcohol to remove dust and anything else stuck to it. Once you have a clean surface, apply the laser mask to the area where you would like to place your pattern. Apply the laser mask as free of air bubbles as possible. A squeegee tool is recommended for smooth appli- cation of the laser mask. 2 Once you have the laser masked mug, set up your laser engraver. Your laser engraver must have a rotary attachment that rotates the mug as the laser mask is engraved. Ours allows us to remove a section of our drive wheel, which then allows the handle of the mug to clear the wheels and not affect rotation. First, adjust the wheel on the rotary and clamp the mug into place. Next, level the mug and focus the laser to the top of the mug. 3 Set up the file in the computer. Make sure the image that you want to blast is sized and oriented properly in your computer file. You also need to make sure that the artwork is black and white in the RGB color p alette. T h e laser settin gs var y depending on your artwork and machine power. How-To/Tutorial

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