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58 • RV PRO • May 2019 rv-pro.com D E A L E R S certainly right away. But it will be a staple for us as a company. Everyone will know this vehicle. "They just said, 'Josh, we trust you.'" Gifford started by tracking down just the right vehicle. And quite a vehicle it turned out to be. "We found this amazing green 1972 Chevy C30 camper with 40,000 miles on it out in Colorado," he recalls with a chuckle that hints at the inherent cheekiness that comes with upfitting a big block engine into a beast of a '70s truck camper. "When we bought the camper it still started, ran and moved, but it certainly wasn't up for a cross country road trip. "We purchased it and then trucked it back for probably about five times the price we paid for the camper itself," he says, laughing. "It was great. The interior looked untouched. It was rust-free but it had this amazing patina on it." 'We're Going to SEMA.' While the project ended up creating quite a splash at the industry's biggest trade show, success in the early days was far from assured. "I'll never forget the day that it arrived back at the shop," Gifford says. "We brought the entire team together and then pulled the camper into the shop. Everyone's jaws just immedi- ately dropped. I remember just saying, 'We're going to SEMA.' "We had had this vision of doing our thing to the inside but leaving the entire exterior untouched," he recalls. "But we got in there and took the walls out and there was dry rot every- where. So, we decided to tear it down and rebuild it from the ground up, inside and out. We built the custom shell, which is dimensionally the same as the original but we worked some new angles into it. Inside, we've really never done anything quite like this. The finishes are just killer. "It's no trailer queen," he says. "It's built to drive down the road. It's terribly loud, it really is, but that's kind of how I am and I really like it." ReRun isn't just loud, literally. Figuratively, its voice is being heard around the country, says Gifford, doing wonders for the profile of the company. "The reaction at SEMA was exceptional," he says. "It was every- thing we hoped for. We were featured in a lot of media, magazine shoots and social media features. We got some great exposure. In fact, we got several jobs from it from that launch at SEMA." That exposure has produced a corresponding boost in interest in Creative Mobile Interiors' services. After leasing a few build- ings in its years in business, the company now occupies a cus- tom-built 15,000-square-foot shop with a 4,000-square-foot office 10 minutes outside of Columbus, Ohio, just off of State The team at Creative Mobile Interiors is pictured next to ReRun after work was completed on the custom project. Gifford says his small but dedicated team of 25 full-time employees is capable of taking on nearly any renovation or remodeling projection. These photos (above and left) show upgrades the Custom Mobile Interiors team made to a luxury Prevost bus.

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