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64 • RV PRO • May 2019 rv-pro.com D E A L E R S in boats. We probably do 125 to 150 new boats a year. RVs, we do about 260. "Because we sell more new RVs, we have more used RVs. Which means we sell more used RVs than used boats. Used fishing boats right now are turning really fast and selling for top dollar. "It does create some challenges knowing both the mar- kets. It's difficult to keep up on everything. Trolling motors, depth finders for the boats – technology on these things is always changing. "Travel trailers and fifth wheels on the RV side, that can also be a challenge. I've got guys here that know boats really well. For RVs, it's been my thing since I've been in sales. I was selling a boat yesterday and the customer was asking a lot of questions. We have a guy here who's all into boats, so I go over and say, 'Jake come over and help me with this.' "We don't pretend to know everything. There's knowledge all around. "We attend a lot of trade shows and trainings. I go to (the RVIA show). I go to the open houses for the RVs and the boats. I go to trainings on the boats. ... "I send my guys to train at Winnebago down in Iowa, which is pretty close to us, about an hour-and-a-half away. I send my techs to training for Forest River products. Yes, we have to attend a lot more trade shows. But we only do one show a year for the public. "We have quite a unique place. Our tech department is three times larger than our showroom. We have mechanics on duty for heavy-duty trucks and fleet maintenance, including a 40,000-pound lift for changing tires on diesel pushers. "We have a marine service center that works on boats and motors. We have an RV service center. We also have a colli- sion center and a paint shop with a 56-foot downdraft paint booth that we do repairs on boats and RVs, but we also do production painting so we paint truck cabs that go on top of cement trucks and trash trucks. We also paint the drums that go on cement mixers. "I like having the two (RVs and boats) together. We're a one-stop shop. They can buy an RV or a boat. We can get them financing or provide parts and service. It's all right here. It's the ease of shopping. It gives us more opportunities to reach out to people. "Why would I want to turn away all the people out there looking to buy a boat? I get a piece of both pies." • Competitive Wholesale Pricing Options • Full Customer Service & Technical Expertise • Family-Owned since 1962 2019 Catalogs Now Available! Call 800-234-4328 and Visit Our New Website with Online Ordering and Updated Breakdowns www.laurelhurstdistributors.com Big enough to supply you… Small enough to care about your needs.

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